Mobile Integrated Health


What is Mobile Integrated Health?

Mobile Integrated Healthcare represents one of the most progressive evolutions in the delivery of community based care by sending EMS providers in an expanded role, utilizing non-emergent resources in the prehospital setting. The intent is to provide patient-centered healthcare in a clinical and non-clinical role. MIH paramedics will provide medical assessment and preventive healthcare education tailored to the medical needs of the individual and connect individuals with appropriate social services resources. The MIH program allows the paramedics to act in a proactive non-emergent capacity.


  • Person-Centered Care
  • Scheduled Wellness Checks
  • Medical Assessments
  • In-Home Safety and Fall Prevention
  • Crisis Intervention Assistance
  • Chronic Disease Management & Education
  • In-Home Bloodwork, Urine Testing,
  • i-STAT/POC
  • Hospital Discharge Follow-Up
  • Nutrition and Dietary Support
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Visits
    • 12 weeks gestation up to 90 days postpartum
  • Well-Baby Checks
  • Referrals to Appropriate Community Resources

There are 4 directions in our prevention strategy:

  • Create healthy and safe community environments
  • Provide and connect to clinical and community preventative services
  • Help Empower people
  • Work toward eliminiation of health disparities

The Problem

There is a lack of mid-level providers within Hardin County and a need for “fast-track” type access for non-urgent medical needs.

Follow-up of recently discharged patients is a major concern of the medical community, causing a lack of understanding and compliance on the patient’s behalf and high re-admission rate and Emergency Department and 911 service overuse.

The Goal

Our MIH program integrates clinically trained professionals in an expanded role to assist with closing healthcare gaps. We incorporate a patient-centered, multi-faceted approach to healthcare, guiding patients toward health and well-being, connecting patients with appropriate services and intervening when patients are unable to take an active role in the management of their healthcare.

Through partnerships, we aim to:

1. Decrease overall inappropriate usage of both EMS and the Emergency Departments

2. Strategically utilize all available resources to keep patients at home in their community

3. Reduce hospital readmissions and increase compliance by aiding patients in managing chronic conditions outside of the EMS and ED services.

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