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What is HCESD2?

Hardin County Emergency Service District #2, also known as Lumberton Fire & EMS, is dedicated to provide Fire and EMS services (with Mobile Intensive Care transport capability) for a district that is approximately 60 square miles with a population just over 20,000 for the City of Lumberton and part of Hardin County.

We governed by a Board of Commissioners which consists of five members. Commissioner positions held are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer and a 5th Commissioner. The Commissioner positions are not voted on by the public but appointed by the Hardin County Commissioners. Commissioner tenures are two years and are kept until the Commissioner resigns or another person is appointed in their position. The Fire Chief, reports directly to the Board of Commissioners. All other Fire and EMS personnel report directly to the Fire Chief.

This department is independent of the Lumberton City Council, Lumberton Police Department, Lumberton Municipal Utility District, and other Lumberton governmental entities.

We are a “combination” department which means that we have both volunteers and paid employees. We work cohesively to ensure protection for the community.

There are 3 Stations in our District. Central, North, and South. We staff the Central Station (Station 1) with full-time and part-time paid employees. The North (Station 3) and South (Station 2) Stations are assigned to volunteers who maintain the apparatus there.

We take pride in maintaining high standards of medical care and fire protection.

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ESD Board of Commissioners

Fritz Erbelding


Jim Philip

Vice President

Lisa O’Blanc


Max Turner

Secretary / Assistant Treasurer

Tommy Evans


Jeff McNeel

Fire Chief


Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

“Hardin County ESD #2 / Lumberton Fire & EMS is committed to providing the highest level of Public Safety services for our community. We protect lives and property through fire suppression, emergency medical services, disaster management, fire protection and public education. Our members will Prevent harm, survive and be nice.

Our strengths and capabilities as an organization is directly connected to the diversity, quality, and uniqueness of our members. We are many talented and experienced individuals that come together to make an amazing team.

Our team has an on-going commitment to quality improvement in everything we put our hearts, heads and hand to. I hope that your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.”

– Fire Chief Jeff McNeel