EMS Newsletter – June 2020

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Written by: Jim Jones

Assistant Chief - EMS | Licensed Paramedic

July 24, 2020


“We all come into this world the same; naked, scared and ignorant.  After that grand entrance, the life that we end up with is simply an accumulation of all the choices we make.”  While rarely obvious at the time, our choices and their ramifications can act as our best friend, or our worst enemy.  Our daily decisions maneuver us towards our goals or can easily derail our lives.  The results of our daily routines, our daily choices, and the cumulative effects of this define our lives professionally and personally.  

“Think about it.  Everything in your life exist because you first made a choice about something.  Choices are at the root of every one of your results.  Each choice starts a behavior that over time becomes a habit.”  While you may or may not cognitively contemplate the choice and ramifications, it is our choices that determine and impact our trajectory through life.  

“Each choice starts a behavior that over time becomes a habit.  Choose poorly and you might find yourself back at the drawing board, forced to make new, and often more difficult choices. Don’t choose at all, and you’ve made the choice to be a passive receiver of whatever comes your way.”  Our decisions impact not only us personally, but our coworkers, our organization, and the surrounding community.  The core trait, however, is the root remains our choices!

Our teams determined that the organizational values were:

  • Community
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • All under the umbrella of Safety

I would ask us all to reflect upon our daily choices.  Ask your if your choices have positive or negative impacts upon us, our team, our organization, and our community.  Have our choices been made in the best interest of our values?  If not, how can we improve this impact to better provide a more successfully daily agenda for us all?  

  ** Reference:   Books, Eureka. The Compound Effect. San Francisco: IDreamBooks Inc, 2015. **

EMS Billing Charts

Our EMS billing collections total for the month of May is currently $30,239.76. This represents an 80% decrease from June 2019. We are beginning to see an increase in funding despite the COVID impacts. 

Our 2020 Year to date collection total is $185,406.82.  Despite the COVID-19 fiscal impact, this is still a 102% increase from this same time in 2019.  We are beginning to see an increase of reimbursement despite the COVID impact and hope to see this trend continue.

This chart demonstrates the income collected through the collections company activities.  June saw a collection income of $695.29 with an annual total collected of $5,722.19.

Active 911 Responses

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April saw 37 primary fire responses and 145 primary medical responses as defined by the Active 911 System. This represents an annual total of 1089 fire and ems events. 

EMS Training Events

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All training events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Training activities are scheduled to resume in July 2020.

Credentialing Article

HCESD # 2 / Lumberton Fire & EMS currently has no members in Phase I credentialing.  

Phase II Credentialing:

  • Elizabeth Stubblefield
  • Ashton Williams

EMS Supply Reports

Remaining Line Item Funds:

EMS Operating Supply:   $27,659

EMS New Equipment:      $2,156

EMS Repair and Testing:  $2,415

Quality Improvement

Our team did a phenomenal job with completing QA reviews on 93% of all medical calls for the month of June.  Special congratulations to Mr. Collier for completing the most reviews in June!


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I would like to congratulate the following personnel:

  • Justin Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton has taken the initiative of building and running the HCESD # 2 website.  Through this medium he has extended our public outreach and education as well as provided a medium for improved employee communications. 

Excellent Job Sir and keep up the great work!!!

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