EMS Newsletter – September 2020

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Written by: Jim Jones

Assistant Chief - EMS | Licensed Paramedic

November 3, 2020

Leading with Accountability

“Accountability is an important tool that leaders must utilize. However, it should not be the primary tool. It must be balanced with other leadership tools, such as making sure people understand the why, empowering subordinates, and trusting they will do the right thing without direct oversight because they fully understand the importance of doing so.”

One of the most common statements I hear from new leaders is “it is easier for me to do that myself than to let them mess it up and go back and fix it.” It is true, with enough oversight task completion can achieve 100 percent. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for the leader to complete other task and does nothing to empower and build the subordinates in the team.

This problem can be alleviated by teaching the team and helping them understand “why”. If the team understands the importance of “why” then the team performs the task more efficiently without direct oversight. It is imperative that the leader balance accountability with empowerment of the team and education on “why”. It is only in this state that the team begins to develop self-accountability and initiates improvement projects that supersede the ability of any one person.

** Reference: Willink, Jocko, and Leif Babin. The Dichotomy of Leadership: Balancing the Challenges of Extreme Ownership to Lead and Win. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2018. **

EMS Billing Charts

Our EMS billing collections total for the month of September is currently $24,462.83. This represents an 56% decrease from September 2019.

Our 2020 Year to date collection total is $277,847.40. This represents a 52.5% increase from this same time in 2019.

This chart demonstrates the income collected through the collections company activities. September saw a collection income of $868.05 with an annual total collected of $7,159.31.

Active 911 Responses

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September saw 32 primary fire responses and 184 primary medical responses as defined by the Active 911 System. This represents an annual total of 1747 fire and ems events.

EMS Training Events

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No events were presented for September.

Credentialing Article

HCESD # 2 / Lumberton Fire & EMS currently has 6 new employees in didactic and Phase I training. These new employees will complete a two-week didactic course covering medical protocols and skills. The employees include:

Full Time – W. Webber (FF/Paramedic)

Full Time – D. Silva (FF/Paramedic)

Part Time – D. Bouge (Paramedic)

Part Time – J. McMillan (FF/Basic)

Part Time – K. Sanderson (FF/Basic)

Part Time – A. Marshall (Paramedic)

EMS Supply Reports

Remaining Line Item Funds:

EMS Operating Supply:   $7,177.48

EMS New Equipment:     $421.41

EMS Repair and Testing: $2,064.61

Quality Improvement

Our team completed QA reviews on 82% of all medical calls for the month of September.


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I would like to congratulate the following personnel:

  • Chris Jagoe

Mr. Jagoe has continually worked to improve our fire educational programs. Due to his direct efforts, we can now offer TCFP accredited courses internally for our personnel. This capability creates a significant cost savings while simultaneously improving our team capabilities.

Excellent Job Sir and keep up the great work!!!

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