A Special Celebration!

Written by: Justin Hamilton

Firefighter / EMT-Paramedic / PIO in training / Public Education

May 22, 2020

This is a meaningful and heart touching moment for all involved.

A few years ago, we got a call to Lumberton High School for a football player who had been injured. Our crews responded rapidly and upon arrival had quickly recognized a severe head injury. The paramedic, Lance Dempsey along with Tiffany Woodland and David Carpenter, had ordered the launch of a helicopter to transport this patient to the most appropriate facility.

Skip forward to present day.

Imagine a world where high-school seniors are trapped in their home and cannot walk across the graduation stage. The current pandemic has restricted all sources of experiences that otherwise would have been perfect.

We just launched an Adopt a Senior project. The perfect candidate for the inaugural adoption?

Juan Trevino, Jr. The high-school football player who has since recovered from extensive injuries incurred while at a practice.

Parents, Juan, Sr. and Jessica Trevino touted the medics rapid intervention and recognition of severe head injury. They stated, “The doctors told us that if it weren’t for the rapid recognition of the injury, Juan, Jr. would not be here today.

We surprised the Trevino’s with a special display of love by bringing apparatus to their house and allowing the crew and recovered Juan, Jr. to meet for the first time since the incident.

Juan, Jr. was able to flow water from a bumper line fire hose, operate hydraulic tools, and even raise/lower the ladder.

Check out the photos from this event on Facebook!

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