outdoor burning

What are the rules?

What does this mean?

This means, that when the fire department shows up at your residence because you are burning outdoors, we abide by regulations that these agencies have set in place. 

We do our best to inform and educate on this subject matter. 

Typically, when you are burning outside, you are doing it for a reason. We understand. 

To provide clarity, here are the rules and the sources of those rules.

We hope that these guidelines will help you plan your burns to maximize your time and efficiency.

Outdoor Burning

All outdoor burning is regulated by the Texas Administrative Code. 

30 TAC 111.201-111.221 specifies the who, what, when, and where you can burn. 

Firstly, it states that outdoor burning is prohibited, then gives exceptions to the rule.

The purpose of the rule is to protect the environment, promote public health and safety, and avoid nuisance conditions through the sensible regulation of outdoor burning. 

Further restrictions can be placed at the local level. For example, during extreme fire danger, governmental units can ban outdoor burning to help prevent potentially disasterous wildfires. A county judge and county commissioners’ court may issue a ban on outdoor burning that is applicable to unincorporated portions of the county. 


In the City of Lumberton:

  • The burning must be the controlled application of fire to naturally occurring vegetative fuels under specified environmental conditions and confined to a predetermined area, following appropriate planning and precautionary measures.
  • The burning must be on-site burning of brush, grass, leaves, branch trimmings or other plant growth by the owner of the property or other person authorized by the owner, and the material is generated only from that property.
  • The burn shall commence no earlier than one hour after sunrise and be extinguished one hour before sunset.
  • The burn shall be a single burn pile in no larger than 60 inches in diameter and 36 inches in height at any time.
  • The burn shall be attended by a responsible person at all times.
  • Water must be available at the burn area at all times.
  • The burn shall be extinguished if the smoke from the fire becomes a nuisance or safety hazard to any person.
  • The burn shall be extinguished when so ordered by a fire, police or environmental quality official.
  • A burn shall not be commenced when wind or any other condition create an unsafe environment.


In Hardin County

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