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Hardin County Emergency Service District #2
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We Are Hiring!

We are currently hiring part-time Paramedic or FF/EMT-P.

We offer:

  • Competitive Salary
  • TCDRS Retirement
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Educational Assistance


  • Values Driven
  • Team Oriented
  • T.C.F.P. Basic Firefighter, or higher, and TDSHS Paramedic, or,
  • TDSHS Paramedic


We serve the Community through Teamwork, Integrity, and Excellence all under the umbrella of Safety.


Emergency messages:

In the case of an event that warrants public action, local emergency management can send emergency messages describing what actions need to be taken in response to the emergency.

Outreach messages:

Additionally, emergency management uses STAN to send local notifications, or outreach messages, to the community, such as water outages, street closures or traffic notices.

Get Local Emergency Alerts To Your Cell

In the event of an emergency, STAN will call residential and commercial telephones in the affected areas. Since you’re not always at home, you can register to make sure you receive notifications no matter where you are. That way, if you’re at work and something happens near your home, you’ll know about it. Register here to sign up for cell phone notifications via voice or text, or to sign up for email notifications. You can also sign up to receive outreach messages.


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